Incredibly good...

Incredibly good, fast and professional….absolutely no problem recommending Drs. Parra!

Take care,
Joe Candia


Good day, Dr. Para. I am from Alberta Canada and had dental work done by you a number of years ago. I just want to let you know that, to date, I have had 3 different Canadian dentists highly praise the dental work that you did for me. I must admit that I was nervous getting dental work done in another country, but I am now happy that I did as I am very pleased with the results. I just want to thank you for doing such a fine job for me. I hope this finds you well.

Take care,
Linda Hinton


“I have suffered with my teeth for many years even though I’m young and healthy. I have endured miserable experiences with several dental practices and left with the feeling of being taken advantage of. After a year of research and correspondence, I decided to travel to Liberia, Costa Rica to have my work done by Dr. Parra and his team.”

“Of course I was nervous the first day I arrived. I needed a complete restoration, hours and hours of work. I was completely at ease within the first hour. Their practice is top notch and I could tell hygiene was a priority. Dr. Parra adress my most serious needs immediately.”
“I felt they went above and beyond, making my boyfriend and I very comfortable with everything. I have never felt so cared for as a dental patient as I did with Dr. Parra and his team. After 20 plus hours in his chair I can say yes, I would do it all over again, but thanks to him I won’t ever have to. Not only did I save $10 000, I have a very pleasent experience, new friends, and now a beautiful smile for a life.”

For information about my experience, contact me:   jengilley@gmail.com


I feel so much better...

Dr. Parra was highly recommended by a friend who has been a repeat patient of his for years, and for good reason: the treatment I received from Dr. Parra and his staff was always most professional and caring, and the hygienic procedures rivaled any I have experienced in my country, the U.S. An expert at creative problem solving, he offered a plan to treat my rather difficult dental situation and executed it with utmost precision and competence. The result has been a smile I can show with pride. I highly recommend Dr. Parra and would return to Costa Rica to be treated by him in a heartbeat!

Kevin McMullan. U.S.A

Wonderful, friendly and very pleasant staff...

I was in need of extensive / expensive dental work, so I checked out dental vacations in other countries. There are low cost dental clinics in Juarez Mexico, but with all the violence there, I opted for Dr. Parra’s clinic in Costa Rica. It was a leap of faith to go to another country and visit a new dentist, but I felt it was worth trying.

I could not have been more pleased. I’ve had several dentists in my life, and I would rank Dr. Parra among the best – highly skilled and quite fast. Dr. Parra did 9 crowns in 2 appointments over a 6 day period. I also had a partial denture and 2 fillings done in a 3rd appointment. His assistant did a great job at keeping the debris from my old fillings from going down my throat (much better than my local dentist’s assistant). The lab guy did superb work. The crowns fit very well with smooth margins and a great appearance. Most of the staff speaks excellent English, and everyone was extremely helpful – they lent us a local cell phone and gave us rides to our hotel.

Costa Rica is an amazing place – great beaches, lots of things to do, all sorts of tours, just a great place to have a vacation. Liberia is a small town – the sidewalks are bad, but the people are friendly, and we always felt safe walking around town. Bottom line: top notch dental work at a price that more than paid for a great vacation!

Klaus Willmann

I would very much recommend this clinic...

Hi Dr. Parra,

My teeth are doing beautifully. I want to thank you for your professionalism. It was a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Hope to be back to Costa Rica in the near future. Will stop by and say Hi.




Candance Indiana, U.S.A

I couldn´t be happier with my new smile...

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Parra for his exceptional dental practice in Costa Rica.

I consulted with numerous dentists in Florida, and ended up much more overwhelmed & confused then from when I had started. Contacting Dr. Parra was the best decision I ever made. I got my upper teeth all redone w/ root canals & crowns. The prices were great, and the results were remarkable.

Dr. Parra and his staff made the entire experience very personable, and I felt at home the 2-weeks I was their.

I couldn’t be happier with my new smile. Dr. Parra and his staff made the entire experience stress free and easy. I would highly recommend Dr. Parra to anyone. Please feel free & do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Craig Scuilla

The caring is what I like the most...

I would just like to say I am absolutely thrilled with the dental work you did for me in Costa Rica. You really made our trip from the US worth it. I have never experienced such care and consideration from a dentist. You were much better than any dentist I’ve ever visited in America. 

You spent many hours perfecting my teeth, even until the very last day,you gave 100% to your craft and artistic judgement. After only 7 days, I emerged with an amazing new smile, thanks to all your hard work. The veneers you crafted for me turned out PERFECT. I also want to thank you for making sure my visits were completely pain free. I traveled to Costa Rica from Texas and it proved to be the best decision I’ve ever made in terms of my dental health.

I would not hesitate to travel back to Costa Rica for more dental work if needed. I would never get such excellent detailed care here in the States!

Should anyone wish to contact me for reference, I am more than happy to oblige, my email is mediccrumpton@yahoo.com 

Sincere and good wishes and thank you again.

Preston CrumptonTexas, USA

Preston Crumpton

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