Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns is a restoration that completely covers the portion of a tooth to the margin of the gum. Dental crowns restore natural teeth, achieving better functionality and aesthetics. Our laboratory is responsible for making the crowns with the best current materials and giving the best aesthetics in harmony with the patient. Currently, the most commonly used materials are zirconium crowns and lithium disilicate emax. These are pieces that manage to restore the aesthetic sense of the patient, thus achieving patients very satisfied with the results obtained.

Emax of lithium disilicate

It is an innovative ceramic that provides really satisfactory aesthetic results, and provides strength and resistance up to three times higher than other materials.

The technique used for the realization of this type of crowns consists in generating in a single piece in block the crown of Lithium Disilicate which will be used to rehabilitate the damaged piece.

On occasion, lithium disilicate emax in combination with zirconium oxide is also used to create bridges in the posterior dental area.

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